Since its humble beginnings in 1886, Waterous has continued to develop revolutionary fire suppression systems and equipment that improve overall firefighting capabilities. From constructing the first gasoline-engine-driven fire pump in 1898 to the most efficient compressed air foam systems (CAFS) in the world today, Waterous has maintained a legacy of supporting the global fire service industry with fire suppression products, equipment and services that meet the demands of a hero.

Waterous produces products for the Municipal Fire Service with a variety of pumps, transmissions, PTO's, foam and CAFSystems. Starting in the late 1800s, Waterous developed many firsts in the fire industry such as the first gasoline-engine driven fire pump to the first vehicle that used the vehicle's engine to drive both the vehicle and the fire pump. We continue to develop new products to make fire fighting safer and more effective.

Along with Municipal Fire Service, Wildland and Forestry have been part of the Waterous product family for over a half-century with Portable Pumps, Engine-Driven Pumps and the specially patented for the Forestry Service, the Floto-Pump.

As long as there have been planes in the sky, Waterous has been there to produce equipment for Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF). Today, Waterous continues to develop products for the ARFF industry such as CPT-4UHP ultra-high pressure pump and the RF-600 refueler pump.

Over the past 127 years, Waterous has seen the rise of cities. With cities comes larger and taller buildings. Waterous saw the need for firefighting equipment that can be used to fight fires in those buildings. The Hi-Rise pump is a special pump that provides the necessary pump pressures and volume to fight fires on the upper floors of a high-Rise building.

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