When ruggedness and durability are needed, the ARFF and FIREBOAT industries turns to Waterous. Whether the need is Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) or high-flow, Waterous has answered the call. Waterous offers pumps with pressures up 1350 PSI (93 bar) and flows up to 3500 GPM (13000 l/min). Waterous pumps have been selected for the P-19R Truck that is the first response vehicle on the scene of an aircraft fire emergency to rapidly extinguish aircraft fires.

  1. CXSPA (Front View)

    CXK / CXPA

    The CX series is a single-stage, end-suction pump that is driven by a transmission side-mounted PTO or a chain-driven transmission.

    The PTO-Driven CX Series is available with a K-Series, gear-driven transmission designed for use with a side-mounted PTO or a PA Series, chain-driven transmission designed for use with an Allison Transmission with 10-bolt PTO.

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  2. CR / CRU (Front View)

    CR / CRU

    The rugged and reliable Waterous CR / CRU single-stage centrifugal fire pump provides the discerning pro a large capacity pump either pedestal-mounted (CR, CRU models) or with an optional chain-driven transmission (CRQA, CRQB, CRUQB). This CR end-suction pump has a water delivery rated at 2050 GPM @ 250 PSI (7800 L/min. @ 17 bar). The CRU end-suction pump has a water delivery rated at 2640 GPM @ 250 PSI (10000 L/min @ 17 bar). Like all of our pumps, the CR and CRU single-stage centrifugal fire pumps are tested at full power prior to shipment to ensure they meet each one of our rigorous standards.

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  3. CZ (Rear View)

    CZ / CZU

    In the flexible CZ/CZU pumps, Waterous provides ARFF specialists pedestal-mounted, single-stage centrifugal fire pumps with water delivery performances up to 950 GPM @ 260 PSI (3600 L/min. @18 bar) with 5" Victaulic® inlet or (CZU) up to 1500 GPM @ 250 PSI (5700 L/min @ 17 bar) with 6" Victaulic® inlet. With vertically-split cases, the CZ pump offers easy operation and simplified maintenance.

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  4. CPT-4UHP


    This ultra high-pressure performer is a lightweight four-stage centrifugal pump that delivers 90 GPM (350 l/ min) at 1350 PSI (93 bar) to produce high-pressure fog, which can knock out fires quickly while the pumper is either in motion or stationary.

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  5. CPK-5 (Front View)

    CPK-5 Ultra-High Pressure Pump

    Waterous’ latest innovation in the ARFF pump segment is the CPK-5 Ultra-High Pressure Package. Designed to flow 320 GPM @ 1350 psi (1200 l/min @ 93 bar), the CPK-5 meets the requirements of NFPA 414 for Class 4 or 5 ARFF vehicles. To meet the municipal NFPA 1901 requirement, the CPK-5 package comes with a separate CPK-2 pump driven off the transmission PTO. The entire compact sized package for ARFF Class 4 and 5 consists of the following:

    • CPK-5 Pump
    • CPK-2 Pump
    • TQC Power Take-Off
    • Transmission Cooling System
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