The Waterous Eclipse™ integrated midship-mounted fire pump unit is designed for total versatility. Simplify maintenance and secure reliable performance with this durable powerhouse. The Eclipse™ is currently available on Waterous CS, CSU and CMU midship-mounted fire pumps with split-shaft transmissions. Delivering 200 SCFM of individually adjustable compressed air, aspirated foam and water (with simultaneous delivery, depending on configuration), the Waterous Eclipse™ provides faster knockdown times, less property damage and less risk to your firefighters.

  1. Eclipse CAFSystem


    Used by more fire departments around the world than any other CAFSystem, the Eclipse™ CAFSystem from Waterous is easy to operate, incredibly efficient and a proven performer. The Eclipse™ CAFSystem buttresses your attack capabilities with big flow rates up to 2,250 GPM, high pressure up to 150 PSI and impressive suppression results.

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  2. S100 Eclipse ES

    Eclipse™ ES

    The Eclipse ES™ compressed air foam system is proof that you can still get serious power out of a tiny package. Unmatched in the industry for performance and versatility, the Eclipse ES™ is available in multiple configurations to fit your needs while providing unmatched fire extinguishing capabilities.

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