Industrial Products

Waterous manufactures a range of products for industrial applications, including products for Nuclear Cooling, High Rail Operation, Decoking/Descaling, Refueling, Airport Rescue Fire Fighting, Dewatering, Insulator Washing, Street Sweepers, Containerized Protection and many others.

Waterous also has a complete line of Foam Systems and Compressed Air Foam Systems to accomodate any industrial situation.

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  1. CRU2C21 (Front View)

    CRU-2 High Flow Series Pump

    Waterous CRU2 pump was created with the Industrial market in mind. Rated at 4000 GPM @ 100 PSI (15000 l/min @ 6.9 bar) with flow through rates up to 6800 GPM (25000 l/min), makes the CRU2C21 the highest NFPA rated performance pump in the market. Available for midship mounting on all industrial-style fire trucks and direct mounting to diesel-powered units for skid-based systems or trailer units.

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  2. CMU Inverted

    CMU - Decoking / Descaling

    Decoking/Descaling - The continuous build-up of coke on the inner walls of fired heaters and heat exchange surfaces in oil refineries leads to reduced energy efficiency and shutdown of the affected unit. To clean the walls, a device called a pig is sent through the pipeline with high pressure water. The water that forces the pig through the pipeline is the CMU Series Pump. The CMU pump is the only centrifugal pump in the industry that can withstand the wear and tear of decoking/descaling.

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  3. Power Line Insulator Washing

    CPT-4 - Power Line Insulator Washing

    Hot Line Insulator Washing - Hot Line Washing is basically a procedure where insulators on electrical lines are cleaned with water while the electricity is energized (on).  If the insulators are not cleaned, a flashover may occur causing brownouts, blackouts and damaged equipment. The Waterous CPT-4 pump is an ideal solution for hot line insulator washing. With pressures up to 800 PSI (55 bar), the insulators can be cleaned while power is still supplied to customers.

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  4. TMR - Reversing Transmission Hi-Rail Application

    TMR - Reversing Transmission for Hi-Rail Applications

    To show the diversity of Waterous products, we developed a transmission for a vehicle which can operate both on rail tracks and a conventional road. The Hi-Rail, from highway and rail equipped with a Waterous TMR Transmission allows the vehicle to travel forward or backwards without having to change the vehicle’s transmission setting saving wear and tear on the vehicle transmission.

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  5. TML Power Take-Off

    TML Power Take-Off

    The TML Power Take-off is designed for driving a wide variety of heavy duty, truck mounted power equipment. When mounted in the chassis drive line, they are capable of transmitting full torque to the rear axle, as multiplied by the transmission. With the transmission in “direct drive” they transmit full engine power to the equipment being driven.

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