ECLIPSE GEN 2.0 Model 150-ECL

ECLIPSE GEN 2.0 Model 150-ECL

When it comes to compressed air foam systems, nothing can match the ease of use of the ECLIPSE Gen 2.0 CAFSystem. ECLIPSE Gen 2.0 incorporates a powerful integrated midship-mounted air compressor system and Waterous engineered FOAMULATORS. ECLIPSE Gen 2.0 CAFSystem have pre-set flow rates and pre-set pressures for water and air. The operator does not have to adjust flows and pressures.

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Mixing Pressure Control Valve 
The ECLIPSE Gen 2.0 CAFSystem uses an independent, patented pressure regulation, which keeps constant mixing pressure in the mixing chamber of the FOAMULATOR. This pressure regulation allows a variation of pump discharge pressure above the minimum working pressure of the Gen 2.0 without disrupting the function of the system or changing the consistency of the extinguishing agent.

Air Compressor
Rand air end with tapered roller bearings and triple lip shaft seal, oil-flooded, rotary screw type, sized to supply 150 scfm (4.25 m3/min) at a minimum of 125 P.S.I.G ( 8.6 bar).

Pneumatic Modulating Inlet Valve
The air compressor is controlled by the pneumatic modulation inlet valve mounted on the air end. The pneumatic modulating inlet valve controls air delivery while maintaining constant pressure.

Fixed Air Pressure Operation
The compressor supplies a fixed air pressure supply to the foam generators at 116 PSI (7.8 Bar). Pressure balancing systems are not used or required.

- Fixed - Air pressure defaults to manual setting on compressor mounted control valve.
- Unload - Air pressure reduced to 40 P.S.I.G. (2.75 bar) for standby operations or when water only from the pump is required

Air Compressor Drive
The compressor is driven off the back of a standard Waterous pump transmission. The compressor drive is direct. The compressor shall be run in unload mode for pump testing and high pressure pump use. Power is transferred via a synchronous drive “toothed belt” with an adjustable tensioner. The system is designated to operate the air end at rated capacity when the fire pump is developing 130 to 140 P.S.I.G. (9 to 9.7 bar) in a “no flow” state.

Air Compressor Oil System

A spin-on, full-flow oil filter unit is part of the system to control oil flow to the cooler. All oil lines are routed in braided hose conforming to SAE 100R1 standards for hydraulic hose.

Modular Air/Oil Separator Unit
Replacement elements for the oil filter and separator are available.

Air Compressor Cooling System
The air compressor is cooled by the Waterous fire pump1, utilizing an all copper and brass shell and tube heat exchanger. When the fire pump is operating, water flows through the heat exchanger while an in-line removable strainer, on the water inlet side, prevents clogging. The system maintains oil temperature within 160° to 225°F (71° to 107° C).

Foam Concentrate Piping
All concentrate piping is stainless steel, brass or high pressure wire braid reinforced hose with stainless steel or brass fittings.

Foam Manifolds
Foam manifolds are constructed of cast iron. The manifold is a fully integrated assembly with foam injector port, flow meter mount and high-flow, low-loss, spring-assisted brass swing check valve to prevent back-flow of foam concentrate or foam solution into the pump.

High Flow Option

For applications where a monitor is required, a high flow option on the ECLIPSE Gen 2.0 allows for high flows to a single discharge. This option is incorporated into the ECLIPSE Gen 2.0 CAFSystem. No extra charge.

High Rise Option

For high rise applications, ECLIPSE GEN 2.0 has a specific discharge designed to flow higher pressures. This options requires an extra charge.


150-ECL CAFSystem

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