250-100-P / 250-120-P

250-100-P / 250-120-P

Part pump, part compressor, all CAFS fire suppressing power. Waterous has several PTO-driven Integrated Pump/Compressor Systems available to meet your department’s needs. These models deliver everything you’d expect in a CAFS unit, including the ability to discharge water, foam solution and compressed air for pneumatic tools. They also include a Rand rotary screw airend with poly-chain.

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GPML/minL/sec sCFMm3/min PSIBarkPaMPa
20075712.6 1002.83 1258.6860.86
25094615.7  120 3.4 1258.6860.86


  • CPK-2 water pump and transmission 
  • Auto Sync panel control 
  • Compressor temperature gauge 
  • 3-inch Victaulic intake 
  • 2-inch NPT discharge 
  • Rand rotary screw compressor 
  • 7-year warranty


Options and Accessories


Aquis™ Foam Proportioner:

Aquis Foam Proportioner with operator interface terminal (OIT), pump module with electric motor/motor driver and microcontroller unit, foam concentrate strainer, shielded electrical cables for connection of all electronic components, foam inject check valve, WYE Strainer and flowmeter and tee.


Priming System

Waterous VPOS oil-free primer. Rotating parts in the VPOS are made of corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum, stainless steel and composite materials.