500-80-P, 500-120-P, 500-150-P

500-80-P, 500-120-P, 500-150-P

Part pump, part compressor, all CAFS fire suppressing power. Waterous has several PTO-driven Integrated Pump/Compressor Systems available to meet your department’s needs. These models deliver everything you’d expect in a CAFS unit, including the ability to discharge water, foam solution and compressed air for pneumatic tools. They also include a Rand rotary screw airend with poly-chain.

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GPML/minL/sec sCFMm3/min PSIBarkPaMPa
500200033 802.3 1258.6860.86
500200033  120 3.4 1258.6860.86
500200033  1504.25  1258.6860.86


500-80-P, 500-120-P and 500-150-P Models

  • CLVK water pump and transmission 
  • Auto Sync panel control 
  • Compressor temperature gauge 
  • 4-inch Victaulic intake 
  • 3-inch NPT discharge 
  • Rand rotary screw compressor 
  • 7-year warranty


Options and Accessories


Aquis™ Foam Proportioner:

Aquis Foam Proportioner with operator interface terminal (OIT), pump module with electric motor/motor driver and microcontroller unit, foam concentrate strainer, shielded electrical cables for connection of all electronic components, foam inject check valve, WYE Strainer and flowmeter and tee.

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