Waterous Modules

Waterous Modules

Waterous, the leader in fire pump technology and innovation can provide modules for most vehicle applications. Contact Waterous today for a quote on a specific module.

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    Waterous PUMP MODULE

    • Simplifies apparatus maintenance by increasing accessibility to the pump and other critical fire apparatus components:
      • Waterous foam systems can be mounted on an optional swing out mounting bracket. This feature allows the technician to perform maintenance to the foam system from a standing position from the exterior of the module saving time and increasing safety. An optional deck gun feature is also available using a vertical sleeved deluge cavity on the side opposite of the hinge for mounting the deck gun.

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    Industry-leading sales and support.

    When you purchase Waterous equipment, not only do you get quality products, you get quality service. Our expert service technicians are the best in the business and they are always happy to answer any service questions you might have. The numbers for our service and training specialists are listed below for your convenience. If you have a general service question please call our main number and our staff will kindly direct you to the appropriate department.

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