Drain Valves

Drain Valves

Clean up after a fire is hard work. The team at Waterous understands that. Waterous works to make it easier for you and your team.

The Waterous drain valve is made of stainless steel and a bronze body and allows for simultaneous draining of eight lines!

Simple operation, easier clean up, Waterous' drain valves are just a click away!

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Panel Mounted Drain Valve

The panel mounted valve is horizontally mounted on the pump operator's panel.


Remote Mounted Valve

The remote mounted valve is vertically mounted on the pump transmission, or at a remote location and is operated by a flexible cable from the pump control panel.

This valve is designed so that discharge pressure will act on the plunger to keep the valve closed when the valve has been manually closed.  The correct installation procedure and the correct drain connections must be made for the valve to function properly.

Sales/Application/Service Help

Industry-leading sales and support.

When you purchase Waterous equipment, not only do you get quality products, you get quality service. Our expert service technicians are the best in the business and they are always happy to answer any service questions you might have. The numbers for our service and training specialists are listed below for your convenience. If you have a general service question please call our main number and our staff will kindly direct you to the appropriate department.

Sales/Applications Assistance

Phone: 651-450-5234 (Press 3)


Service Assistance
Phone: 651-450-5200
Fax: 800-488-1228