Whether fighting fires on the open sea or battling blazes on the runway, you demand pumps that exceed performance standards. To meet these demands, our Fire Boat and Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) pumps are built with the highest quality materials using the latest technology—so you never have to worry about performance or reliability. Tough and rugged, Waterous ARFF pumps deliver the type of knockdown power you need, when you need it most.

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The CX series is a single-stage, end-suction pump that is driven by a transmission side-mounted PTO or a chain-driven transmission.

The PTO-Driven CX Series is available with a K-Series, gear-driven transmission designed for use with a side-mounted PTO or a PA Series, chain-driven transmission designed for use with an Allison Transmission with 10-bolt PTO.

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CXSPA (Front View)


The rugged and reliable Waterous CR / CRU single-stage centrifugal fire pump provides the discerning pro a large capacity pump either pedestal-mounted (CR, CRU models) or with an optional chain-driven transmission (CRQA, CRQB, CRUQB). This CR end-suction pump has a water delivery rated at 2050 GPM @ 250 PSI (7800 L/min. @ 17 bar). The CRU end-suction pump has a water delivery rated at 2640 GPM @ 250 PSI (10000 L/min @ 17 bar). Like all of our pumps, the CR and CRU single-stage centrifugal fire pumps are tested at full power prior to shipment to ensure they meet each one of our rigorous standards.

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CR / CRU (Front View)


In the flexible CZ/CZU pumps, Waterous provides ARFF specialists pedestal-mounted, single-stage centrifugal fire pumps with water delivery performances up to 950 GPM @ 260 PSI (3600 L/min. @18 bar) with 5" Victaulic® inlet or (CZU) up to 1500 GPM @ 250 PSI (5700 L/min @ 17 bar) with 6" Victaulic® inlet. With vertically-split cases, the CZ pump offers easy operation and simplified maintenance.

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CZ (Rear View)


This ultra high-pressure performer is a lightweight four-stage centrifugal pump that delivers 90 GPM (350 l/ min) at 1350 PSI (93 bar) to produce high-pressure fog, which can knock out fires quickly while the pumper is either in motion or stationary.

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CPK-5 Ultra-High Pressure Pump

Waterous’ latest innovation in the ARFF pump segment is the CPK-5 Ultra-High Pressure Package. Designed to flow 320 GPM @ 1350 psi (1200 l/min @ 93 bar), the CPK-5 meets the requirements of NFPA 414 for Class 4 or 5 ARFF vehicles and NFPA 1910 for Ultra-High Pressure Pump requirements. To meet the municipal NFPA 1901 requirement for Normal Pressure Fire Pumps, a separate CPK-2 pump driven off the transmission PTO can be used.

NOTE: Net Positive Suction Head Required (NPSHR): 30 feet (9.1 m) H20 at 60° F (16° C).

The entire compact sized package for ARFF Class 4 and 5 consists of the following:

  • CPK-5 Pump
  • CPK-2 Pump
  • TQC Power Take-Off
  • Transmission Cooling System
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CPK-5 (Front View)

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