Auto Tank Fill

Auto Tank Fill

Do you have an operator constantly monitoring your water tank, and concerns of high hydrant pressure?

Free up your operator and stop being concerned with high hydrant pressure with the Waterous Auto Tank Fill System!

Waterous designed this system to solve both of these problems, and it maintains a constant low pressure water supply at the pump intake by automatically filling the water tank and maintaining a water level between 20 and 80%.

The Auto Tank Fill is designed for any of the Waterous electric-actuated ball valves (sold separately).

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  • Maintains tank water level between 50 and 80 % of capacity
  • Can be calibrated for any shape or size tank
  • Operator interaction allowed while Auto Tank Fill System is in operation. Operator can open or close the electric-actuated ball valve using the Electric Valve Position Control. System restarts after 3 seconds of non-operator interaction.



  • Pressure Transducer
  • Tank Level Display
  • Electric Valve Position Control
  • Auto Tank Fill Selector Switch (Green LED indicates Auto Tank Fill Mode)
  • Cables
  • Electric-Actuated Ball Valve (sold separately)