Waterous 1000-200-DC and 1250-200-DC integrated crossmount centrifugal pumps blend the speed and effectiveness of CAFS with true pump-and-roll capabilities. Designed for transverse mounting within a pump compartment, the engine pump and air compressor are integrated as a single, skid−mounted unit. Available flows from 1000 GPM (3800 L/min.) up to 1250 GPM (4750 L/min.) and air capacity of 200 SCFM (5.6 m3/min).

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  • Deutz model BF6M1013C turbocharged and aftercooled, six-cylinder, liquid-cooled, diesel engine providing 231 horsepower, 172 kW.
  • Waterous CXVT centrifugal fire pump. CXVT utilizes a high−tensile gray iron body, bronze impeller, replaceable wear rings and maintenance−free mechanical seals.
  • Intake: 6 inch

Options and Accessories

  • Pressure Relief: An optional pressure relief system is available to comply with NFPA 1906 standards.
  • Priming System: Pneumatic oil−free primer capable of priming the water pump through 20 feet (6 m) of 2−1/2 (63.5 mm) inch hard intake hose with a 10 foot (3 m) lift. Controls are mounted on the operator's panel.
  • Foam Systems: Aquis™ Foam Proportioner
  • On-site operation and maintenance instruction. Contact factory for pricing.


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