When you consider that a good PTO driven air compressor system is worth its weight in gold, it’s hard to imagine the value of a Waterous PTO kit to your fire department. Waterous offers three models available as OEM installation or retrofit. These CAFSystems™ are water-cooled and designed to discharge water, foam solution or compressed air. They come with a Rand rotary screw airend with integral speed increasing gear set, a 1310 shaft yoke and free on-site orientation. What’s more, all units are available with Aquis™ Foam Proportioners.

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  • Air Compressor: Rand airend with tapered roller bearings and triple lip shaft seal, oilflooded, rotary screw type, sized to supply 80 scfm (2.3 m3/min) of usable air.

  • Pneumatic Modulating Inlet Valve: The air compressor is controlled by the pneumatic modulation inlet valve mounted on the air end. The pneumatic modulation inlet valve controls air delivery while maintaining constant pressure.

  • Electric Auto Sync Balancing System: Automatically maintains the air pressure within +/‐ 5% of the water pump pressure throughout the pressure range. The Auto Sync Balancing System is located on the operator's panel and allows for the following modes:  Automatic ‐ Air pressure matched to water pressure  Fixed ‐ Air pressure defaults to manual setting on compressor mounted control valve.  Unload ‐ Air pressure reduced to 40 psig for standby operations  Run ‐ Air compressor in run operation. Air pressure determined by Auto or Fixed setting.

  • Air Compressor Oil System: A spin‐on, full‐flow oil filter unit and a thermostatic valve are all part of the system to control oil flow to the cooler. All lines are routed in braided hose conforming to SAE 100R1 standards for hydraulic hose.

  • Modular Air/Oil Separator: Replacement elements for the oil filter and separator are available.

  • Air Compressor Cooling System: The air compressor is cooled by the unit's water pump, utilizing a copper and brass shell and tube heat exchanger. When the fire pump is operating, water flows through the heat exchanger while an in‐line removable strainer, on the water inlet side, prevents clogging. The system maintains recommended operating temperatures throughout the full operational range in ambient temperatures up to 115°F (46.1°C).

  • Air Compressor System Protection: A warning system in the hydraulic oil system alerts the operator of high temperature. A warning light and audible alarm are provided for mounting on the pump operator's panel.

  • Controls and Instruments: The following controls and instruments are provided for mounting on the pump operator's panel: 

    • Auto/Sync compressor controls w/engraved instruction plate 

    • Air compressor temperature gauge w/250° warning switch 

    • NFPA required warning and instruction plates

  • One-Year Warranty

Options and Accessories

  • Air Flow Meter is available for mounting on the pump operator's panel. The air flow meter indicates the total air−flow in standard cubic feet per minute (0−150).
  • Foam Systems: Aquis™ Foam Proportioner.

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