Intake and Discharge Valves

Intake and Discharge Valves

You want easy to operate valves that fit perfectly?

You got it.

Waterous’ ball-type discharge valves give you low maintenance costs, easy, and reliable operation at ANY pressure.

Mechanisms include provisions for valves mounted at the operator's panel, remote panel mounting and top control arrangements.

Available Sizes: 2-1/2 inch standard or full-flow and 3-1/2 inch sizes.

3-1/2 inches is ideal for large diameter fire hoses.

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Rugged Ball Valve

The chromium‐plated bronze valve ball and bronze and stainless steel internal moving parts assure you of many years of dependable service. Ball bearings on the valve trunnions permit opening or closing the 3‐1/2 inch valve easily, even under pressure. The 2‐1/2 inch valves have upper and lower bronze bushings which support valve trunnions.

Multi‐Port Drain Port

The Waterous valve design permits a single drain valve to drain both the valve body and discharge hose. This eliminates the expense of a separate valve drain and the nuisance of operating an extra control.

Adjustment‐Free Seals

The hydraulically‐balanced floating seal assembly is self‐adjusting for wear, prevents leakage even under high pressure, and assures easy operation. Easily replaceable O‐rings are used throughout. You never need to add or remove shims or make adjustments to correct for wear.

Discharge Extensions Available

The 2‐1/2 inch discharge valves are available with a standard 2‐1/2 inch threaded extension. The 3‐1/2 inch discharge valves are available with a variety of extensions terminating at the panel with 3-1/2, 4, 4-1/2 or 5 inch outlets.



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