Foam Systems

Nothing fights fire better than foam, and no one does foam systems better than Waterous. We’ve led the charge in foam technology worldwide, and have more compressed air foam systems (CAFS) in the field than any other manufacturer.


The reasons speak for themselves.

  • World-class training by certified experts
  • Leading edge foam technology and development
  • Industry-best warranty on foam equipment
  • Broad offering of products to fit any scale or situation  Aquis™ — the perfect blend of features and value in a foam proportioner.

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Aquis™ Foam Proportioner

It’s not easy to properly proportion fire-suppressing foam. To get the ratios right, you need to compensate for a number of variables. Doing so demands world-class engineering coupled with dependable flow meter technology. In other words, you need The Aquis™ Foam Proportioner from Waterous. It delivers a level of performance and reliability typically reserved for more expensive foam proportioner systems.

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Aquis 1.5 Foam Proportioner


The Waterous Fire Troll Foam Proportioning System is an easy to operate system that can be inserted in the plumbing between the pump outlet and the live reel or other discharge points on the fire engine or can be inserted in a hose lay at any location.

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Fire Troll - Model FT150

FoamFill Foam Tank Refill System

The Waterous FoamFill™ Foam Tank Refill System is completely-automated, making it easier, safer, cleaner and quicker to top off the foam tank or tanks in your apparatus.Waterous FoamFill™ Foam Tank Refill System can be used with both Class A and B foam. When turned on, a microcontroller inside the FoamFill™ identifies the foam levels in the tank or tanks. If the levels are low, FoamFill™ automatically fills them without overflowing, operating at a capacity of 10 GPM (37.8 L/min.).

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RTP Foam System

The Waterous Around-The-Pump (RTP) Foam System is a simple and inexpensive way to add foam capability to all discharges of the fire pump. The Waterous RTP Foam System consists of an eductor (jet pump) and panel mounted foam proportioning valve. A table on the foam control panel makes setting the proportioner for 1, 3 and 6% foam easy and accurate. View Product Details
RTP Foam System

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