CRU-2 High Flow Series Pump

CRU-2 High Flow Series Pump

Waterous CRU-2 single-stage centrifugal high-flow pump mated to C21 or QC chain-driven transmission or driven by a TC21 split-shaft PTO can be utilized in municipal firefighting, aircraft firefighting, dewatering or for industrial applications. CRU-2 has a flow through rate of 6800 GPM (25000 l/min).

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* Non-NFPA Rating

Pump Features

  • Single stage, vertically- split body constructed of ductile iron
  • Bronze replaceable wear rings
  • Silicon bronze, mechanically and hydraulically balanced impeller
  • Stainless steel impeller shaft
  • Self-adjusting mechanical seal
  • 10-inch Victaulic intake
  • 6-inch ANSI flanged discharge
  • Pump Inducer (4000 GPM Rating Only)


C21 /QC/ TC21 Transmission / PTO Features

  • High-strength aluminum, three-piece, horizontally-split housing
  • Drive line shafts made from alloy steel forgings, hardened and ground to size, 2.35 inch 46-tooth involute spline.
  • Drive and driven sprockets are hardened and have ground bores.
  • Integral water cooler provision.
  • Morse HV® high-strength involute form drive chain.
  • Deep-groove, anti-friction ball bearings give support and proper alignment to the impeller shaft assembly. Bearings are oil-splash lubricated, completely separated from the water being pumped, and protected by a V-ring and oil seals.
  • An internal lubrication system delivers lubricant directly to the drive chain. This unique design eliminates the need for an external lubrication pump and auxiliary cooling.
  • Shift mechanism consists of a constant-mesh, two-position sliding collar that engages all teeth simultaneously. In-cab controlled pneumatic shift.  An internal locking mechanism provides a positive lock in PUMP or ROAD position.