E501-C / E511-C

E501-C / E511-C

The E500 Series Motor Pump is specifically designed for mounting on specialized attack vehicles. Equipped with Kubota 899cc diesel engine and Waterous fire pump. Available in two models: E501 or E511.

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MAXIMUM FLOW1104206.610077000.7
MAXIMUM PRESSURE502003.34002828002.8
MAXIMUM FLOW275100016.5503.53500.35
MAXIMUM PRESSURE1004006.51901313001.3

Pump Specifications:    


  • E501-C:  2 inch female NPT
  • E511-C: 3 inch female NPT (Optional 3 inch Victaulic Adapter)  


  • E501-C: 1-1/2 inch female NPT
  • E511-C: 2 inch female NPT (Optional 2 inch Victaulic Adapter)

Volute Body and Head:

High-strength aluminum alloy protected by a proprietary dual anodizing and sealing process for superior corrosion protection and resistance to acids and alkaline solutions.


High-strength, corrosion-resistant bronze, fully enclosed, double-hubbed to balance hydraulic thrust, mechanically balanced to eliminate vibration.

Impeller Shaft:

Integral driven gear and shaft made of hardened steel, nickel-plated for wear and corrosion resistance. Wear Rings: Long wearing bronze. Easy to replace when required to restore original pump efficiency.

Drive Shaft and Gear:

High-strength stainless steel shaft and a heat-treated ductile iron gear.

Shaft Seal:

Spring-loaded mechanical type. Wear and heat resistant silicon-carbide.

Gear Case:

Two-gear speed increaser utilizing high-strength aluminum alloy case. Helical cut gears for reduced wear and noise and anti-friction bearings throughout.

Dimensions and Weights:


Length (in/cm)

Width (in/cm)

Height* (in/cm)

Weight (lb/kg)


34.39 (87.4)

20.8 (52.8)

25 (63.5)

252 (115)


35.28 (89.6)

20.8 (52.8)

25 (63.5)

237 (108)


Engine Specifications:


Kubota, Model D902-E3B, Super Mini Series, in-line 3-cylinder, water-cooled, naturally aspirated delivering a maximum output of 24.8 hp (18.5 kw) @ 3600 RPM, 54.8 cu. in. (898 cc) displacement, 4-cycle, diesel fueled.

Lubrication: Pressure fed with spin on filter.

Starter: 12-14 volt, 1.2 kW

Emission Regulation: Tier 4

Alternator: 12 VDC, 40 AMP

Options and Accessories:

  • Priming System: The priming system consists of either a Waterous' hand or electric primer shipped loose for remote mounting.
  • Exhaust System: Spark Arrestor
  • Control Panel: New Control Module - Allows the operator to change operating parameters electronically with a touch of a button

Options and Accessories

  • Priming System options include Waterous' hand and electric primers, shipped loose for remote mounting.
  • Deluxe Control panels specifically designed for the E500.
  • No Panel Option

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