TMR - Reversing Transmission for Hi-Rail Applications

TMR - Reversing Transmission for Hi-Rail Applications

To show the diversity of Waterous products, we developed a transmission for a vehicle which can operate both on rail tracks and a conventional road. The Hi-Rail, from highway and rail equipped with a Waterous TMR Transmission allows the vehicle to travel forward or backwards without having to change the vehicle’s transmission setting saving wear and tear on the vehicle transmission.

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High-tensile gray iron

Driveline – Input Shaft:


Input and output shafts are 1-3/4 SAE 10 spline, a four bolt series 1500 companion flange is supplied at input end of shaft. 

Drive shafts are made of forged, hardened and ground alloy steel.


  • 2-10 SAE spline

Output Shaft:


  • 1-3/4 SAE spline


  • 1–3/4–10 SAE spline with 9” parking brake provision
  • 2-10 SAE spline
  • Output to front, rear or both
  • Front output rotation - clockwise
  • Rear output rotation - counterclockwise


Oil lubricated ball bearings throughout.

Gears:  Constant mesh helical, alloy steel.  All gears are crown shaved, carburized and hardened.  The bores are precision ground.


Morse H-V®


A splash system within the case lubricates the bearings, chain and other moving parts.  Use automatic transmission fluid.  Approximate capacity is 5 quarts.

Shift Mechanism:

Constant mesh, two position sliding collar that engages all teeth simultaneously and is self-locking.


Companion Flanges:


Use   On:

1500 Series Companion Flange (1-3/4-10 SAE   Spline)

1-3/4-10 SAE Splined Output Shaft

1700 Series Companion Flange (2-10 SAE   Spline)

2-10 SAE Spline Input and Output Shafts

Parking Brake:

Bendix Duo-Duty, available as follows:

1-3/4-10 SAE Driveline

  • 9 x 3 for 1500 series U-joints


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