The RF−600’s hydraulic design allows a nominal 600 GPM rating with generous surplus capacity. In situations where a standard PTO refueler pump cannot provide the necessary power, the RF−600 is the right choice. Compact and lightweight, the RF−600 is built to accommodate the chassis of most commercially built fire trucks and tankers. The split shaft pump transmission and the pump are engineered and built by Waterous, the leading manufacturer of mid−ship fire pumps using split shaft transmissions. Additional transmissions are available if a PTO is desired or if direct-engine mounting is required.

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Pump Specifications:

  • Pump Body: Single piece aluminum, hard anodized

  • Intake and Discharge Fittings: Victaulic connections, aluminum, hard anodized

  • Impeller: End suction, Flame-plated (tungsten carbide), double hubs, hard anodized aluminum

  • Impeller Shaft and Hardware: Stainless Steel Shaft Seal: Face-type mechanical seal

  • Wear Rings: Reverse-flow, stainless steel


Transmission Specifications:

  • Case: High tensile strength grey iron

  • Chain: ‘‘Silent’’ Morse HV chain

  • Ratio: 3.10:1 Driveline: 2.35 inch, 46 tooth involute spline, 16,000 LB−FT (21,760 N⋅m) torque rating

  • Shift: Constant mesh sliding collar, patented shift lock to hold selected position, air powered

  • Shafts and Sprockets: Machined from alloy steel forgings, hardened and ground to size in critical areas

  • Bearings: Deep groove ball bearing with continuous splash lubrication

  • Tachometer: Mechanical tachometer connection provided, turns ½ input shaft speed

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