Get the power and performance of a traditional midship fire pump in a compact, lightweight direct-engine mounted pump. Made of ductile iron, the S100D is nearly 35% lighter, and yet 25% stronger than identical pumps made with gray iron.

When used with a TC20 Series Power Take-Off (PTO), the S100 can be rear-mounted in an apparatus.

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GPM1250, 1500, 1750, 2000
l/min5000, 6000, 7000, 7500
l/sec80, 100, 115, 125


  • Cast ductile iron body
  • Dual stripping edge volute
  • Passive lubrication system
  • Self-adjusting mechanical seal
  • Mechanically and hydraulically balanced impeller
  • Replaceable bronze wear rings
  • All deep-groove anti-friction ball bearings, oil-splash lubricated
  • 5-inch ANSI flange or optional end flanged discharge manifold
  • 7-Year Limited Warranty


Select an electric rotary vane priming system. Separately Mounted. See Priming Systems, F-2418

Pressure Governor

Operates in PRESSURE or RPM; maintaining steady pump discharge pressure controlling the engine speed or by holding a selected engine RPM. Discharge pressure or engine RPM do not vary when switching between modes. Automatic low hydrant alarm (<20 psi) is armed when connected to a pressurized water source. Two-year warranty.

Pressure Control Systems

Intake Relief Valves - Separately Mounted

The Waterous intake relief valve is designed to dump excess pressure from the inlet side of the pump. See Intake Relief Valves, F-2192.

21st Century Manifold

The 21st Century Manifold is designed to be mounted on the S101 discharge flange. It can be orientated for top or side-mount control panels. Flange arrangements and spacing allows for organized horizontal layout plumbing of all discharges and eases the layout of the panel by the apparatus builder. See 21st Century Manifold, F-2478.

Corrosion Protection

Waterous offers replaceable magnesium intake screens and anodes  to provide corrosion protection. These items are designed to sacrifice the magnesium element to galvanic corrosion. Without this protection, galvanic corrosion may damage the iron pump body and fittings.

Overheat Protection Manager

The OPM consists of an illuminated warning light on the operator's panel whenever the pump approaches an overheat condition. See OPM, F-2422

Drain Valves

Drains all points of the pump simultaneously with the operation of a single control. See Drain Valves, F-1158

Total Protection Package (TPP-5)

The Total Protection Package is a comprehensive warranty that increases your standard 7 year warranty to include labor expenses to dismantle, remove and reinstall covered products or parts for a period of five years.


S100D Series
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