TC20 Power Take-Off

TC20 Power Take-Off

The Waterous TC20 Series Power Take-Off (PTO) enables a fire pump to be rear mounted in an apparatus. The TC20 transmits power from the apparatus’ automatic transmission to the drive axle of the vehicle when in Road Mode or when shifted to PTO Mode, transmits power to the rear-mounted fire pump via a PTO-Drive shaft.

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  • Bearings: Deep-groove, anti-friction ball bearings.

  • Passive lubrication system: Eliminates need for a separate oil pump.

  • Case: High strength aluminum, three-piece, horizontally split.

  • Sprockets: Alloy steel, carburized and hardened.

  • Chain: Morse H-V® high strength silent chain.

  • Driveline: Standard 2.35 inch, 46-tooth involute 16,000 lb-ft (21,760 N•m) torque rating.

  • Output shafts: Single to front or rear or dual to both front and rear. 1410 series U-bolt type end yoke or SAR class B 2-bolt hydraulic flange with 7/8-13T (SAEB) internal involute spline shaft available.

  • Ratios: 1.14, 1.27, 1.41, 1.58, 1.69, 1.79, 1.88, 1.97, 2.03, 2.27, 2.46, 2.73.

  • Shift: Pneumatic

Optional Drive Plates