CPK-5 Ultra-High Pressure Pump

CPK-5 Ultra-High Pressure Pump

Waterous’ latest innovation in the ARFF pump segment is the CPK-5 Ultra-High Pressure Package. Designed to flow 320 GPM @ 1350 psi (1200 l/min @ 93 bar), the CPK-5 meets the requirements of NFPA 414 for Class 4 or 5 ARFF vehicles and NFPA 1910 for Ultra-High Pressure Pump requirements. To meet the municipal NFPA 1901 requirement for Normal Pressure Fire Pumps, a separate CPK-2 pump driven off the transmission PTO can be used.

NOTE: Net Positive Suction Head Required (NPSHR): 30 feet (9.1 m) H20 at 60° F (16° C).

The entire compact sized package for ARFF Class 4 and 5 consists of the following:

  • CPK-5 Pump

  • CPK-2 Pump

  • TQC Power Take-Off

  • Transmission Cooling System

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NOTE: Net Positive Suction Head Required (NPSHR): 30 feet (9.1 m) H20 at 60° F (16° C).

Pump Features

  • Two-stage, ductile iron body
  • Bronze replaceable wear rings
  • Bronze impellers
  • Self-adjusting mechanical seal
  • 3-inch NPT intake
  • 1.5-inch ANSI flanged discharge


Auxiliary Oil Cooler

  • Circulates oil through cooler and transmission


Heavy Duty K Transmission Features

  • Aluminum case
  • Gears are helical, precision cut, crown shaved for proper load distribution and quiet operation.



Waterous Seven-Year Limited Warranty