The Waterous video library provides an inside-the-housing look at how many our most popular products work,and explains Waterous products are among the best in the fire suppression industry.

Waterous CAFSystems™ 

Waterous - 35+ Years


Waterous - Made Where We Live

Waterous - Water is a Precious Commodity

Waterous HL Series Fire Pump

CMU Midship Fire Pump

Advantus® Foam System

Eclipse CAFSystem™

Waterous Discharge Relief Valve

Waterous Intake Relief Valve

Waterous Priming System

Waterous ONE STEP™ CAFSystem - New Version

Waterous Passport Pump (S200)

Waterous CAFS Video Series: Part 1 - Foam Science

Waterous CAFSVIdeoSeries: Part 2 - How CAFS Reduces Heat Faster than Water


Waterous CAFSVIdeoSeries: Part 3 - How the ONE STEP CAFSystem Produces Consistent Foam


Waterous CSU Single Stage Water Flow

Waterous CMU Two Stage Water Flow

Waterous CPK-5 UltraHigh PressurePump


Waterous Floto-Pump

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