CAFS Training


CAFS Training Programs

Everything you need to know about your compressed air foam systems and more. Waterous instructors provide delivery instruction to fire pump operators, diagnosis and repair instruction to technicians, and installation and retrofit instruction to apparatus manufacturers. Our CAFS training program are taught by experienced firefighters, expert CAFS users and certified service instructors to ensure you receive the most comprehensive CAFS instruction available.

Centuries of CAFS Instruction Experience

When it comes to answering questions pertaining to compressed air foam, Class A Foam, CAFS operation, CAFS nozzles, CAFS maintenance and repair, and CAFS troubleshooting, we’ve got it covered. Our ten program instructors have a combined total of over 130-years of CAFS training and experience, and they’re dedicated to sharing their expertise with you.

CAFS Delivery Operational Instruction

Delivery instruction and training is included with every Eclipse™ and Platinum PTO System. Delivery instruction is optional on all other systems – contact the factory for a quote. The Eclipse™ and PTO systems instruction includes up to 3-days of class at the customers’ facility. The basic curriculum includes both classroom and hands-on instruction on compressed air foam system operation. Classroom and Hands-On Training Topics Include:

  • Basic foam properties
  • Safety
  • Nozzles
  • CAFS Components


CAFS Maintenance, Service, and Troubleshooting

Waterous provides maintenance instruction to dealers, service centers, EVT and fire mechanics organizations, and fire departments. These training courses are 8-to 12-hours and include both classroom and hands-on instruction on operation, maintenance, diagnosis, and repair of compressed air foam systems.

CAFS Installation and Retrofit Instruction

Installation and retrofit instruction and training is available to manufacturers and service centers. The class covers the installation and testing of systems on both new and existing apparatus. The class is 32-to 40-hours and includes classroom and hands-on CAFS component installation.

Contact Keith Klassen, CAFS Instructional Program Manager at 928-220-1400 or for more information on our CAFS Product Instruction Courses or to find out how you can become an Instructor.