Our History

Fire is indiscriminate, unyielding and unforgiving, claiming whatever it can.

It's this insatiable threat to property and human life that has fueled Waterous to create the most aggressive, effective and comprehensive fire suppression tools available.

Since 1886, the Waterous product offering has been focused on fire suppression. Even today, the majority of our products are directed at moving water from municipal lines to a burning structure, vehicle or wild land area. And through it all, from hydrant to discharge, there are Waterous products at work.

Waterous products are found out front, from a city's water supply to the flames. The flow starts with hydrants built to specification, all the way through intake valves, fire pumps, CAFSystems and out discharge valves. No matter your class or apparatus and operating procedure, Waterous products fit your attack.

Creating this system is no small task. It demands a modern facility with hundreds of highly specialized people working in step to create the most advanced and reliable fire suppression, hydrants, and valves in the market. And Waterous moves water with proudly American made products that are designed, forged and assembled stateside. Like fire, Waterous is found all around the world, making it among the most trusted tools in a firefighter's arsenal.

When everything counts, count on Waterous.

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