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Accessories Fire Pumps
Priming Pumps 

SPL80841 VPE / VPES Priming Pumps  CS Pumps  

SPL81608 CS Pump Body
Priming Pump Operation
SPL81609 CS Impeller Assy
SPL81965 CS ’93 Body Assy
SPL82890 VPO / VPOS Priming Pumps F1031-4208
Overhaul Instructions
SPL83632 VPO / VPOS Priming Pumps F1031-3011 CS Installation Instructions
Priming Valves   SPL8683 Manual/Electric Priming Valve
SPL81602 Manual/Electric Priming Valve & Piping
F1031-2312 Priming Pump/Valve Operation  CM Pumps     

SPL81606 CM Pump Body
SPL81602 Priming Valve & Piping SPL81607 CM Impeller Assy
Pump Shift    SPL81871 Pneumatic Shift SPL82395 Transfer Valve Actuator After 12/1999
SPL80279 Electric Shift Prior to 06/1984 SPL80945 Manual Transfer Valve Prior to 04/1980
SPL81355 Electric Shift After 06/1984  SPL81159 Manual Transfer Valve After 04/1980
F1031-3029 Pneumatic Shift SPL80946 Electric Transfer Valve Prior to 04/1980
SPL83566 Pneumatic Shift SPL81160 Electric Transfer Valve After 04/1980
      SPL81963 CM Body Assy Prior to 01/2023
      SPL81964 CM Impeller Shaft Assy Prior to 01/2023
      SPL81343 CM/CGV Impeller Shaft Assy Prior to 01/2023
   PTO Assemblies F1031-4201.1 CM Overhaul Instructions
  F1031-3011 CM Installation Instructions
  F1031-4212 CM Overhaul Instructions Prior to 01/2023
  CRU-2 Pumps  DPL83465 CRU-2 Dimensional Drawings
TC10    SPL82747 TC10 PTO Transmissions
SPL82821 TC10 Used with Eclipse  Y Series  SPL81617  Y Series Chain Drive
SPL81331 Y Series Chain Drive – One Piece Shaft
T-359 TC10 Operation & Maint. SPL82214  Y Series w/ Hydraulic Pump
T-360 TC10 Overhaul SPL82322  Y Series w/ Air Clutch Mounting
TC20 F1031-2205.3  Y Series Operation & Maint.
F1031-4307  Y Series Overhaul
 C10 Series   SPL82897  C10 Transmission
F1031-2208  C10 Operation & Maint.
SPL82120 TG100 PTO F1031-4314  C10 Overhaul
T-349 TG100 Overhaul C20 Series

SPL82987  C20 Transmission

SPL81004 TMS PTO SPL82966 C20 Transmission with S100 Pump
T-335 TMS Overhaul DS-2006 C20 Transmission

SPL81879 TMS PTO SPL82994 C20 Transmission
TFA Overhaul
C21 Series SPL83408 C21/TC21 Transmission
KC Gearbox   SPL82310  Heavy Duty KC
TPA  SPL82182 TPA PTO (Prior to 04/15/2016)
SPL82316  Medium Duty KC
SPL83491 TPA PTO (After 04/15/2016) F1031-4310  KC Overhaul
F1031-2207 TPA Operation & Maint. Floto Pumps
F1031-4311 TPA Overhaul  Floto Pumps     SPL81995 Standard Floto Pump (02/1994 to 02/2007)
TY SPL81589 TY PTO SPL82000 High Pressure Floto Pump (02/1994 to 02/2007)
F1031-2205.3 TY Operation & Maint. SPL80614 Standard Floto Pump (05/1968 to 02/1994)
T-336 TY Overhaul SPL80670 High Pressure Floto Pump (01/1978 to 02/1994)
TQ  SPL83420 TQC PTO F-2210 Floto Operation & Maint.
Portable Pumps  
PB10 & PB11   SPL81470 PB11 Series  PB18  SPL82020 PB18 Series (09/1994 to 01/2007)
SPL81471 PB11G Series SPL82021 PB18G Series (09/1994 to 01/2007)
F-2029 PB11 Operation & Maint. SPL81645 PB18 Series (09/1994 to 01/2007)
PB13 SPL82644 PB13 Series SPL81646 PB18G Series (09/1994 to 01/2007) 
SPL82645 PB13G Series F-2233 PB18 Operation & Maint.
F-2391 PB13 Operation & Maint. F-2058 PB18 Operation & Maint.
Advantus 3 F1031-2440 Operation, Install & Maint. Aquis 1.5 F1031-2438 Operation, Install & Maint.
SPL88312 Advantus 3 Traditional CAFS Aquis 2.5 F1031-2415 Operation, Install & Maint.
DPL83481 Advantus 3 Traditional CAFS SPL88317 Aquis 2.5 Service Parts
Advantus 3E SPL88313 Advantus 3E Traditional SPL83448 Aquis 2.5 SSP
DPL83482 Advantus 3E Traditional DPL83480 Aquis 2.5 Traditional CAFS
SPL88315 Advantus 3E Generated CAFS DPL83573 Aquis 2.5 ONE STEP
DPL83574 Advantus 3E Generated CAFS Foam Manager
Advantus 6 F1031-2435 Operation, Install & Maint. Aquis 2.5 F1031-2414 Operation & Maintenance
SPL88314 Advantus 6 Traditional F1031-3031 Installation Instructions
DPL83483 Advantus 6 Traditional DPL83079 Aquis 2.5 Foam Manager
Advantus 6E F1031-2434 Operation, Install & Maint. Advantus 3 & 6 F1031-2407 Operation & Maintenance
SPL88315 Advantus 6E Traditional F1031-3026 Installation Instructions
DPL83484 Advantus 6E Traditional DPL82978 Advantus 3 Foam Manager
SPL88449 Advantus 6E Generated DPL82979 Advantus 6 Foam Manager
DPL83575 Advantus 6E Generated CAFSystems
      ECLIPSE GEN 2.0 DPL83532 ECLIPSE Gen 2.0 150-ESECL for CXC20 Pumps

DPL83001 TC20 Eclipse ES
      DPL83002 S100 Eclipse ES