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At Waterous, we think like you. Which is to say we think like a firefighter. We understand your questions, speak your language and anticipate your concerns. At Waterous we know there is no substitute for experience. It’s why so many of our employees serve on local fire departments. It’s the reason why Waterous Equipment always feels like it’s coming from a company that’s faced the flames.

Waterous Heritage
The Force <br> Behind The Fight
The Force
Behind The Fight

Waterous has been making quality, American-Made firefighting related products since 1886. Still building revolutionary fire suppression systems today, Waterous holds true to the philosophy - “Cast, Machined, Assembles and Tested in America.” Departments worldwide count on Waterous to provide the utmost in quality products and customer service. What started as a single factory in the quiet riverside city of South Saint Paul, Minnesota, has grown into an internationally recognized company that continues to develop leading products and services for the global firefighting community.

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Made in the USA

At Waterous, our products are born where we were raised. Since 1886, Waterous has created more than fire suppression equipment. We’ve built opportunity, community and jobs and we will continue to do so. Because Waterous will always believe in the American dream and the spirit of American manufacturing. Our products are cast in North America, and Machined, Assembled & Tested in South Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Built Where We Live
At Waterous,<br> We Think Like You
At Waterous,
We Think Like You

With an American backbone as strong as the cast iron fire pumps we build, the Waterous workforce is legendary for the longevity of its laborers. You can't shortcut that kind of experience. You can't broadband that type of know how. And you can't fast track that level of skill. It's acquired one way, and one way only – hard work and loyalty.

  • Customer Service: Our customer service and technical support staff has over 170 years of experience at Waterous.
  • Manufacturing: Our machine shop and pump assembly staff have an average of 25 years’ experience as Waterous employees.
  • On Time: Over 95% of the parts orders received ship within two business days (ground shipments) and on the same day for rush orders.

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