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When the alarm bell sounds, you respond. That's the job. That's what people depend on. And that's exactly how Waterous feels about assisting you. We understand your questions, speak your language and anticipate your concerns. We have dedicated representatives near your area who can answer all of your questions regarding Waterous fire pumps. With sales specialists focused on the western, eastern and central regions of the U.S. and Canada, their knowledge, experience and expertise will help you make the most appropriate, cost-effective decisions to benefit your fire department.

Waterous' international presence continues to increase as the need for fire protection services and products experiences growth abroad. Covering the farthest corners of the globe, we have dedicated sales representatives throughout the globe including Central America, South American and the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Telephone: (+1) 651-450-5000

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Gregg Geske

Gregg Geske

Director - Global Sales and Marketing


651-450-5036 Office

612-963-5160 Mobile

Jason Nawrocki

Jason Nawrocki

Sales Manager, North America


651-450-5287 Office

612-253-2818 Mobile

Jim Fazekas

JIm Fazekas

Sales Manager


856-642-0101 Office

612-963-5156 Mobile

Mike Sterbentz

Mike Sterbentz

Sales Manager


651-450-5232 Office

651-343-9024 Mobile

Matt Wolf

Matt Wolf

Sales Manager

651-450-5264 Office

651-233-3056 Mobile

Brad Kuhnen

Sales Manager

651-450-5092 Office

612-388-3094 Mobile

Steve Heaney

Sales Manager

651-450-5016 Office

612-257-2398 Mobile