OEM Engineering Information

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 F-1055 Customized Line of Waterous Fire PumpsF-2320Split Shaft / Engine / Ratio Combinations
F-1096Fire Pump Performance - General InformationF-2715Pump / PTO Combination Reference Chart
F-2299Current Draw - Electronic AccessoriesF-2102Diesel Engine / Pump Ratio Worksheet
DPL82231Pump Panel Plate DimensionalsF-2103Gasoline Engine / Pump Ratio Worksheet
F-2305Pump Mounting ArrangementsF-2028PTO Worksheet for Pumps
F-1199Chain Drive Transmission Talking PointsF-2114CM Water Flow Diagram
F-1198Flame Plated Impeller Talking Points F-2245Electronic Tachometer
F-1020Impeller Shaft Bearings Talking PointsF-2825Wiring Best Practices
 F-1028 Relief Valve Talking PointsJ3311-1Spicer Driveline Installation

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 Vehicle-Mounted Pumps CAFSystems
Split-Shaft Pumps CSC20 / CSUC20  ONE STEP 150-OS
 Eclipse Eclipse
 CMC20 / CMUC20 Eclipse ES
 CXC20 / CXSC20 Slide-Ins 70-35-GP-FT
 CGC20 100-50-DS
 S100C20 / S101C20 200-100-DS
PTO-Driven Pumps CSK / CSUK / CSPA / CSUPA 100-50-OS
 CMK / CMUK / CMPA / CMUPA 200-100-OS 
 CXK / CXPA PTO Kits 80-P
 CGK / CGPA 140, 200-P
 CLK / CLPA Integrated Pump 250-100-P / 250-120-P
 500-80, -120, -150-P
 CPK-2 750-100, -150-P
 CPK-3 1000, 1250-100, -150-P
 CPK-4Crossmount Units 500-140-DC
Direct-Engine Mounted Pumps CPT-2 1000-200-DC
 CPT-3 1250-200-DC
 CPT-4Foam Systems
 CLT Aquis 1.5, 3.0 and 6.0
 CXT FireTroll
Direct-Driven Pumps CSD / CSUD FoamFill
 CMD / CMUDPortable Pumps
 CXD / CXSD       PB18 Series
 S100D E300 Series
Rear Mount Pumps HL200 E500 Series
 HL300 Floto-Pump (No Longer Available)
 CMD /CMUD Accessories 
 S100D            Priming Systems
 CXD / CXSD Overheat Protection
ARFF PumpsCPK-5 Drain Valve
CHD-4 / CHK-4Pressure Control
 CXK / CXPAIntake/Discharge Valves 
 CR / CRUIntake/Discharge/Auxiliary Fittings 
 CZ / CZUCathodic Protection 
 CPT-4UHPAuto Tank Fill 
 RF-600Power Shift 
Hi-Rise Pumps CM/CGV / CMU/CGV 
Industrial Pump CRU-2