Over 120 years ago, the twin sons of C.H. Waterous, a Canadian steam fire engine manufacturer, set up shop in the scenic riverside city of South Saint Paul, Minnesota. Though a young city, South Saint Paul was already becoming one of the fastest growing transportation and industrial centers in the United States. Its central location and proximity to the Mississippi River, made it an ideal hub for international manufacturing companies to ship products around the world.

Interested in the continued growth of South Saint Paul, a private development company offered the Waterous brothers free land to build their factory. The new building, located less than a mile from the present day facility, was erected and in full operation by the time the city was officially incorporated in 1887. Over the next year, the Waterous brothers formed the foundation of what was to be Waterous' commitment to innovation by introducing the first gasoline powered pumper in 1887.

Today, the company continues the Waterous brothers' legacy by being the fire service industry's leading innovator and manufacturer of fire pumps and waterworks equipment. What started as a single factory in the quiet riverside city of South Saint Paul, Minnesota, has grown into an internationally recognized company that continues to develop better products and services for the global firefighting community.


Charles Waterous joins the P.C. Van Brocklin Foundry.


Charles Waterous buys out the remaining partners of P.C. Van Brocklin.


Charles Waterous changes the name of the company to Waterous Engine Works Company.


Frank J. Waterous opens the Winnipeg branch and is joined by his twin brother Fred L. two years later.


Fred and Frank move the fire engine manufacturing plant from Winnipeg to (South) St. Paul, Minnesota.


Waterous revolutionizes firefighting with the first gasoline-engine-driven fire pump.


An internal combustion engine is used for the first time to propel a pumper. Two engines are used: one for propelling the vehicle and one for pumping.


Waterous introduces a pumper using a single combustion engine for driving and pumping.


Waterous builds its last complete piece of fire apparatus and begins specializing in the manufacture of fire pumps, hydrants, valves and accessories.


Fred A. Waterous Sr. assumes the presidency of Waterous.


Waterous Limited (Canada) celebrates its centennial.


A series of innovations including electric pump controls, flame-plated impeller hubs and standard bottom servicing sets new standards for fire pumping equipment and makes Waterous pumps easier to use and service.


Waterous is sold to American Hoist & Derrick.


Waterous moves into a new, 140,000-square-foot plant in South St. Paul.


Waterous introduces ball transfer valves and a silent chain drive transmission, innovations that improve pump design significantly.


New self-adjusting mechanical seals increase the durability of the pump by reducing leakage.


American Cast Iron Pipe Company purchases Waterous.


A lightweight, ductile iron, resilient seated gate valve goes into full production after a five-year trial.


Waterous introduces a unique, light alloy pump for the world market.


Waterous achieves ISO 9001 registration. Waterous introduces Eclipse, 200sCFM midship mounted compressed air foam system.


Waterous unveils a revolutionary new proportioning system called the Advantus. This new conductivity-based measurement system delivers the most balanced water to foam ratio in the industry.


Waterous launches the Aquis foam proportioning system, a technologically advanced, affordable system capable of delivering highly accurate and consistent mix ratios for departments using Class A and compressed air foam.


Waterous introduces the Total Protection Package (TPP-5), a 5-year parts and labor warranty for select models.


Partnering with Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co, Waterous unveils the Intelligent CAF Selector (ICS) discharge valve controller that provides one-touch CAFS activation for single discharge control point.

Waterous introduces the Endurance line of single-stage fire pumps.


Waterous begins a joint venture with Gimaex of France.

Waterous introduces the ONE-STEP CAFSystem, a flow-engineered CAFSystem that will revolutionize the fire industry.

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