East coast fire departments name Waterous as sole pump manufacturer



Philly, Boston and Portland, Maine, departments make commitment to one factory

Three east coast fire departments have selected Waterous as their dedicated pump manufacturer. The Philadelphia Fire Department, Boston Fire Department and Portland (Maine) Fire Department decided that finding the right manufacturer and creating pump uniformity within their fleets provides numerous benefits, which is why they officially selected Waterous as their sole pump manufacturer.

Maintaining solid reasons why they decided to buy all their pumps from Waterous, these departments find value in being an all-Waterous operation including maintenance and repairs, training, operation, customization and customer service.

1. Waterous helps keep mechanics happy.
Working with Waterous provides these departments – and their mechanics – with consistency. From routine service to preventative maintenance to major repairs, mechanical challenges are far more manageable with pump uniformity. Mechanics are familiar with the components and can pick up on subtle mechanical differences quickly because they’re accustomed to working on pumps with Waterous’ engineering.

“Our mechanics love the continuity,” said Captain Mike Carroll of the Philadelphia Fire Department. “It makes working on a truck a whole lot easier, because there aren’t any mysteries – they know the pumps well because of the similar features.”

Speed is an additional factor department mechanics tend to appreciate when working on multiple pumps from Waterous. The Boston Fire Department has an agreement with Waterous to conduct warrantee work in-house and purchase parts directly from the factory – a process that can greatly decrease turnaround time for repairs and save on costs.

“I am very pleased that we could work out this agreement with a top quality vendor like Waterous,” said Roderick Fraser, fire commissioner for the Boston Fire Department. “This allows the maintenance division to get our fire engines repaired more quickly and get them back into service.”

2. Waterous helps keep operators confident.
If firefighters can’t operate their pumps with the utmost confidence, people can lose their lives. It’s that simple and that significant. Different manufacturers naturally offer differences in operation and functionality, and while subtle differences are often a selling point for the pump, they can also create a challenging learning curve when departments take delivery of new apparatus.

Creating uniformity by purchasing pumps from Waterous can ease that learning curve. Just like mechanics, when operators are familiar with one brand of pump, learning slight differences among varying pump models becomes less of a challenge because they’re comfortable and confident operating pumps that have comparable design and functionality.

“If we get a loss of water when we’re going down a hallway in a burning building, that’s serious stuff,” said Captain Carroll. “Other than ourselves, the pump, the hose and the water are the most important things we bring to a fire. We know the Waterous pumps well, so we’re that much more confident we can depend on them.”

3. Waterous provides customizable options.
Some departments want ball-check valves as opposed to clapper valves. Other departments are looking for the latest electronic capabilities. And still others want basic manual systems that suit budgets without neglecting function.

“Waterous helped us go back to the basics when we bought new pumps,” said Deputy Chief Scott Thomes of the Portland Fire Department. “We experienced too many electrical problems with previous pumps, and I wanted my firefighters to be good pump operators, not good button pushers.”

When working on pump customization, fire departments also benefit from the close relationship Waterous has with OEMs. Waterous and OEMs work together during the customization process, which means departments have the opportunity to be involved with trusted business partners throughout.

“When we designed our pumps, we worked together with Waterous and the OEM to make our systems as manual as possible,” said Chief Thomes. “For that, and many other reasons, it just made sense to go with Waterous.”

4. Waterous offers in-depth training.
For both operators and mechanics alike, the more departments know about their pumps, the better they can do their jobs. Working with Waterous allows departments to capitalize on training opportunities for both firefighters and vehicle technicians.

“Waterous has provided mechanics’ training for my guys at no cost, and they provide frequent training so we stay up to date. That’s serious stuff,” said Captain Carroll.

The Boston Fire Department has experienced similar dedication in terms of training from their manufacturer as well. Under their agreement, the manufacturer provides certification training for mechanics to perform warrantee work at their department.

“Waterous has already begun training our emergency vehicle technicians to perform warrantee work and this shows their dedication to us as a valued customer,” said Fraser.

5. Waterous develops a solid relationship.
The bond between Waterous and their valued departments is a key reason the Philadelphia, Boston and Portland departments selected Waterous, and why they plan to stick with them.

“If our mechanics had an issue, which they normally don’t, I wouldn’t have to go looking for our rep,” said Captain Carroll. “He calls me and I appreciate that. I’ve been using Waterous equipment for 38 years, and the service I’m getting is incomparable. We’re getting communication and that makes our guys feel important. You really can’t underscore communication.”

Communicating about future pump purchases is also an area where departments can benefit from a solid relationship with Waterous. Whether it’s customizing new pumps or introducing compressed air foam use, departments can utilize Waterous for trusted advice and guidance indefinitely.

“We decided to use Waterous for all our pumps and they just helped us implement our first Class A foam system,” said Chief Thomes. “We plan to replace our entire fleet within the next five to ten years and all of those new pumps will be from Waterous. We trust them and their pumps. It simply makes sense for us to use Waterous.”

About Waterous
Revolutionizing firefighting since 1886, Waterous has been manufacturing the most reliable, performance-enhancing pumps, power take-offs, valves and hydrants the fire service industry has to offer. Based out of South St. Paul, Minnesota, Waterous manufactures its complete product line in the USA.