Waterous Releases New Venturis Air Primer


Waterous, a global leader in firefighting technology announced the release of the VENTURIS™ Air Primer at FDIC that took place last week in Indianapolis, Indiana. The VENTURIS air primer system uses the on-board air supply to create a vacuum to prime the fire pump. The basic system consists of a Venturis Air Primer, priming valve and auto or manual prime control panel.

Other features of the new VENTURIS air primer are:

  • All Brass Body Construction
  • No Maintenance Required
  • 7-Year Warranty
  • Automatic Draining
  • Pump Mounted with Engineered Bracket
  • Meets or Exceeds NFPA 1900, Vacuum and Priming Standards
  • Low Amp Draw Compared to Other Priming Systems
  • Optional Auto-Prime System

Gregg Geske, Director of Sales for Waterous said, “The new VENTURIS Air Primer is another offering from Waterous that provides an alternative to traditional priming systems.  Ordering it with the pump enables it to be mounted and pre-plumbed to the pump.” 

About Waterous
Revolutionizing firefighting since 1886, Waterous, based out of South St. Paul, Minnesota, has been manufacturing the most reliable, performance-enhancing pumps, power take-offs, valves and hydrants the fire service industry has to offer. To contact Waterous, call 651-450-5000 or visit WWW.WATEROUSCO.COM.