Introduction to the Mid-Ship CS ’04 Body Style


Introduction to the Mid-Ship CS ’04 Body Style

What is the mid-ship CS ’04 body style? This product enhancement changes the way the two pump body halves are mated together increasing the sealing characteristics and ease of serviceability.

The previous CS body style consisted of two body halves which are both machined flat on the mating surface. Those two machined halves are mated together along with a two piece paper gasket and a sealant called Permatex Super 300. The combination of those features prevents water from weeping by the two halves and dumping to atmosphere. (See illustration #1) This process has proven itself over the years, but does require more time for the technicians/mechanics to perform the repair.

What do we mean by taking more time? When you add the sealant into the mix it sticks like glue, and we all know what glue does. If the need ever arises to take those two body halves apart, the gasket material along with the Permatex will stick to each body half. You will need to scrape and clean those two halves completely which can be labor intensive. If the two halves are not cleaned completely, they will not mate flush together which will allow water to leak by the two halves dumping to atmosphere. If this occurs the repair may have to be redone.

mid-ship cs
Illsutration #1

With the CS 04′ body style we have taken the two flat halves and created two off set stepped halves with one side having an internal step and the other an external step. The paper gasket and Permatex sealant have been replaced by a two piece molded body gasket. (See illustration #2 & #3) This design gasket is similar to the o-ring type gasket used on some engine valve covers and automobile oil pan covers.

mid-ship cs fire pump
Illsutration #2

waterous mid-ship fire suppression
Illsutration #3

Now that you know what has changed with the CS 04′ body style, what does it ultimately mean to you as the technicians/mechanics and end-users. What is the advantage to this design? For the technicians/mechanics the benefits come from an easier repair and shortened length of time to complete that repair. For the end-user it will benefit them with a shorter down time of their unit. And due to a shortened repair time comes a lower repair bill.

With this body style, we at Waterous feel we have achieved the needs of the end users and the technicians/mechanics working on these pumps.

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