What Do You Need to Consider Before You Repower/Rechassis Your Fire Apparatus


What Do You Need to Consider Before You Repower/Rechassis Your Fire Apparatus

The rising cost of new fire apparatus in conjunction with limited capital budgets has resulted in some fire departments choosing to repower/rechassis existing apparatus. At Waterous, we are here to help you with this endeavor.

Each Waterous pump is carefully specified by the apparatus builder to be compatible with the engine/transmission combination used to power it. This ensures that the fire department will realize optimal performance of the pump and related equipment. If the engine and/or transmission is changed, careful consideration must be given to the pump to avoid potentially serious and expensive problems down the road. We trust the following issues will help you identify some of the key areas of concern that must be addressed during the repower/rechassis of your fire apparatus.

What is the size and year of the replacement engine and/or truck transmission?
(Note: Please be prepared to include all specifications for the engine and transmission of your choice.)

Do you wish to change the pump capacity?

Will additional intakes/discharges be included?

Does the pump and/or transmission need repair or overhaul?

Is the pump transmission ratio compatible with the new engine/transmission, or will it need to be changed?

Is the vertical drop dimension for the present and/or new pump transmission compatible with the repower/rechassis configuration?

Is the torque rating for the driveline and related components adequate, or must it be upgraded?

Will the pump compartment, pump control panels, storage compartments and other related equipment change?

If the pump has a non-separable impeller shaft, will you convert to a separable impeller shaft to facilitate future repairs?

Will the pump and accessories be updated to meet current NFPA requirements?

To assist you in answering these important questions, as well as others, it is advisable to enlist the help of a qualified fire apparatus engineer to carefully evaluate the feasibility and practicality of your endeavor to repower/rechassis your fire truck.
As always, we will be pleased to assist you with these and any other centrifugal fire pump and transmission related questions.

(Note: Please remember to obtain the serial number(s) of the pump/transmission before you contact us so that we may better serve you.)

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